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Symonds Offered Immunity From Punishment Over Crash-Gate

The FIA have revealed they have offered Pat Symonds of Renault F1 Team immunity from punishment over the crash-gate scandal if he reveals all details to the World Motorsport Panel ahead of the extraordinary general meeting.

Symonds has already admitted to the FIA that he and Briatore spoke to Piquet about deliberately crashing his Renault F1 car at the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix.  He has already co-operated well, and if he has taken the immunity then Flavio Briatore would have to face the court, and charges (likely to be exceedingly high) on his own.

Nelson Piquet has already been exempted from any charges for bringing the case to the FIA, Max Mosley confirmed in Italy.

Pat Symonds would be immune if he reveals this “extra-information” he suggested to the panel he had on August 27th.

The stewards report stated: “Mr. Symonds suggested at his interview on 27 August that he might wish to revert to the Stewards with further information, including information responsive to the various questions he had declined to answer.

“However, no such further information was provided on 27 August. On 28 August, Mr Symonds was summoned back before the Stewards to be asked if he wanted to give further information on the questions he had declined to answer. Mr Symonds again declined to answer the questions.”


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