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Bernie Not Offering Silverstone A “Cut Price” Deal On BGP

Bernie Ecclestone has denied rumour that he will offer Silverstone a “cut-price” deal to hold the 2010 British Grand Prix now that Donington’s dreams of hosting the race look in tatters.

Donington have failed to get the funding necessary to continue re-development of the circuit, and are now left with no money, a half finished track and no racing for the forthcoming season with MotoGP relocating for 2010 to Silverstone.

A contract has been offered to the Northamptonshire based circuit, the home F1 for some years, and Ecclestone has told the BRDC that it should accept the proposals rather than fight for a cheaper deal.

“Silverstone have a contract in front of them,” he said. “We’ve no commercial arrangement in place for a British Grand Prix for next year. That is why the race has an asterisk beside it on the 2010 calendar.

“If they can’t make it work then don’t do it. If that happens, there won’t be a British Grand Prix. Simple as that.

“No-one is forcing them to take it. This is business. We have offered them a deal.

“I want a British Grand Prix, of course, but we are not going to do special rates for Britain.”


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