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Hamilton Not Concerned By New Team Mate

Lewis Hamilton has told a British newspaper that he is not concerned by who his team mate for 2010 will be, as long as there is harmony within the team.

Hamilton, who spent the entirety of his first season in Formula One arguing with Fernando Alonso (who is now Ferrari bound for next season), has had 2 seasons alongside Heikki Kovalainen which has proved productive for the Briton winning the 2008 title.

With Kovalainen’s place within the team in serious doubt, there is a good chance Lewis will be lining up against another new driver for 2010.  The new man could be Nico Rosberg, Jenson Button or even Kimi Raikkonen.

Even if it was Button, the 2009 champion, Hamilton isn’t too fussed.

“I don’t mind who comes to the team as long as they come in peace and bring peace and want to be productive and move the team forward,” Hamilton told the Daily Mail.

“I’d welcome Jenson as my team-mate,” said Hamilton. “He’s a level-headed and very committed guy. He earned the world championship and he’s done a great job over the years. I couldn’t be happier for him.”

“He will be a tough competitor next year – whether at Brawn or McLaren.”


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