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Piquet Might Sue Renault If They Don’t Apologise

Just when you thought Crash-Gate was over, Nelson Piquet Snr adds another few weeks onto the pain by telling German automotive magazine Auto Motor und Sport he intends to sue the Renault F1 Team.

Piquet Snr, whose son of the same name crashed deliberately at the Singapore Grand Prix of 2008, was fired by Renault just before all of these revelations came to light and Flavio Briatore was banned from F1 for life.

Despite Piquet Jnr being completely immune to punishment, and as he tries to piece back together the tatters of his racing career his father says unless Renault apologise they should be prepared to pay damages.

“Renault has two weeks,” said the Brazilian. “If I hear nothing, there will be a complaint and court action” he told the reporters.

Piquet also took a swipe at Ayrton Senna, saying he cheated crashing deliberately and no-one ever said anything about his actions.

“Ayrton Senna won two championships like that,” said Piquet Snr. “In 1983 the F3 championship against Martin Brundle, and in 1990 he was World Champion after pushing Alain Prost off the circuit completely deliberately.”

Yeah they didn’t say anything because Senna was actually a GOOD driver unlike Piquet Jnr who was an embarrassment to the family name…


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