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Yas Marina Circuit Draws Praise From The Drivers

After some 3 hours drive time, the new Yas Marina circuit in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi has drawn the plaudits from the drivers.

The circuit is one of the most exciting new projects to hit the F1 calendar, and its proving a firm favourite with the fans too if Twitter and Facebook comments are to be believed.  Its sweeping, fast nature but some hard corners are showing that the race could be very close indeed.

The Hermann Tilke design bandwagon has certainly got back on track here.

Nico Rosberg commented; “There is no criticism. I think they have done a very good job.  It is an interesting track and every corner is unique.”

Former World Champion Fernando Alonso added to Rosberg’s praise  “There are some good parts of the track, like the first sector, high-speed corners, and then the last sector is a combination of very similar corners – always 90 degrees. But you enjoy it because there is always something to do on the track. There is no time to breathe.”

Adrian Sutil also praised the lighting system, commenting it felt more like a night race than Singapore.

However the tunnel exit to the pitlane is causing some controversy, with near misses and concern over an accident becoming more apparent.  Ferrari driver Giancarlo Fisichella said on the subject;

“It is very difficult and a little bit dangerous. If there is an accident with two cars, I don’t know if there is a space to go through. I guess we will see if there is an incident.”

I must say, representing  The F1Fanatics Blog I think it’s a terrific circuit, finally a decent new track.  It is like Valencia, or at least how Valencia should have been.  It makes Singapore look almost amateur, and with the cool evening daylight/nightime effect I think F1 is on to a winner.

Electronic advertising boards above the main F1 straight

Electronic advertising boards above the main F1 straight

The controversial pit exit tunnel

Nightscene 1

Nightscene 2



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