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BREAKING NEWS: Toyota Leave F1?

Breaking News:  Reports on a Japanese newspaper’s website says that the Toyota Formula One team are pulling out of the sport with immediate effect.

The downbeat report by The Mancini Newspaper states that Japan is now without a Formula One Team, hanks to the recession and the millions of dollars to which it takes to run a team.  The decision seems to have come from the board of directors, as opposed to John Howett the team boss.

An article in Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport released today said that there would be a new announcement on November 8, but if this new article is to be believed then that decision has already been taken.

However there is a glimmer of hope, the article states they may try and run 2010 as a satellite style operation, similar to the Hayate rnu Kawasaki in MotoGP, where the funds and development are limited but staff and technical help is still available.

If not, the place is likely to be awarded to the Sauber team.  For Kobayashi, possibly the most promising newcomer to F1, he could try and join a new team but if unsuccessful the Japanese was worried he would have to abandon racing and go back to working in his father’s Sushi bar!



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  1. wow,,,, it sounds great,,,,
    toyota very amazing,,,,
    I like this

    April 1, 2010 at 11:51 am

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