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Red Bull Look To Stick With Renault Engines For 2010

Red Bull Racing are likely to announce within the next few days that they are going to continue with their current supplier of engines, Renault.

The team, based in Milton Keynes but backed by the Austrian Energy drinks company, have had Renault engines since 2007.  It is their third supplier of engines, the other two being Ferrari (2006) and Cosworth (2005).

With the lower power output, there was talk Red Bull could move to German supplier Mercedes Benz who have had success with Brawn this season.

However with the new refuelling rules, Christian Horner reckons the more frugal French engine is the way to go.

“Since Monza, Renault have remarkably raised their game and done everything they could for us to have such a strong finish of the year”, said team boss Christian Horner.

“Renault has fuel-efficient engines which will be very important in 2010.”


One response

  1. In terms of energy drinks, it is really hard to believe all the different things Red Bull has managed to get associated with.

    I was actually sitting in the gas station yesterday and looking at the display they had in the store; it was a gas pump red bull fridge. The company has taken the world by storm over the last few years. No wonder they have a 54% stranglehold on the industry.

    November 20, 2009 at 7:28 am

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