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Petronas A Sponsor In Demand As Teams Chase Them Down

Petronas, the malaysian oil and fuel company are said to be an in-demand sponsor for teams tonight as much of the pitlane is searching for a lucrative deal.

The company who have been involved in Formula One for many years with Sauber, and then later BMW are now out of contract following the German manufacturers withdrawl from F1.

“Petronas’ partnership with the BMW Sauber team, which is a progression of its earlier relationship with Sauber, has now come to an end following BMW’s decision to exit Formula One at the end of the season,” the company said in a statement.

It is believed if Qadbak, the funding company behind Peter Sauber’s effort to bring his team back in place of BMW, especially now Toyota have freed up a grid slot, would continue the deal with Petronas.  However, Lotus F1 who are based around Malaysian government capital have said they are interested in tying up potentially a title sponsorship deal with them.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if the entire F1 grid had approached them, because from our understanding Petronas was not obliged to remain as sponsor of Sauber,” Riad Asmat, the CEO of Lotus F1 told the New Straits Times.


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