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Santander “Would Back” De la Rosa In His Quest For A 2010 Seat

Santander Espana boss Enrique Garcia Candelas has said he would be willing to provide sponsorship and money to help Pedro de La Rosa find a race seat for the 2010 season.

The Spanish driver is looking at drives with Campos Meta, USF1 and potentially with the new Sauber team.  With all three being “new teams” they are seeking sponsorship, and to an extent pay-drivers.

De la Rosa got the offer at an awards ceremony where he presented an upcoming young racing star with a cheque from the company for sponsorship, joking on -stage “I’m a young star too, can I have a cheque?”

“If it is found it is necessary to support him, we would do it,” Candelas is quoted as saying by Spain’s Diario AS.

I think this could potentially pave the way for him into Campos, being a Spanish based team.  Alongside Bruno Senna, there would be no doubting raw talent, experience and a good load of sponsors for the new team.

Santander recently announced a high level sponsorship deal with Scuderia Ferrari, alongside a reduction in sponsorship with McLaren.  They have increased their F1 presence by sponsoring a number of Grand Prix including the British GP.

Santander are trying to increase their F1 exposure


One response

  1. First I’m sorry for my last comment, but my english it’s not very well, so my comments are very confused for you. But I try to improve my english. jaja
    Second, I think Santander and Pedro de la Rosa are a very good pair, in the F1. I hope that Pedro will get a team for the next season, becuase for me is a one of the best racing drivers of test, that in this moment have in Formula 1.
    I will continue riding you, when I can.Bye.

    December 1, 2009 at 7:13 pm

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