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Trulli and Kovalainen Confirmed At Lotus

Jarno Trulli and Heikki Kovalainen have been confirmed as the Lotus F1 Team’s drivers for the forthcoming 2010 season.

The pair, both refugees from their former teams will join up with the newly formed, Malaysian backed team.

Trulli comes from Toyota who have left Formula One for good, and Kovalainen comes from the end of his contract at McLaren where he was replaced by current World Champion Jenson Button after some largely unimpressive seasons.

Fairuz Fauzy, a Malaysian driver will be the teams third driver.

“Trulli will bring us a lot of experience to develop the team. Heikki is a young driver with a lot of experience so I think we have fantastic drivers, with Fairuz as well. It is a wonderful mix of experience, youth and passion.”

Jarno Trulli will work with Mike Gascoyne again at Lotus, the third different team the Italian has worked with the British technical chief.

“I have been impressed by the long-term vision of the team management and technical staff,” Trulli said in a statement. “Tony has set out very ambitious plans and I am ready to help the team achieve these high targets.

“I am also pleased to be back working alongside Mike Gascoyne, someone with whom I have enjoyed previous success at other teams. I get on very well with him and I respect his working style.”

Kovalainen admitted he was very happy with the progress of the new team.

“I recently visited our factory and was so impressed by seeing how far the team has come in such a short time since it was launched in September, and by how determined everyone is to meet Tony’s ambitious targets.

“I knew immediately it would be a fantastic opportunity to help them achieve their goals.”

Trulli and Kovalainen have been on opposing teams for the past few seasons


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