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Stand-In Drivers To Get Test Time As FIA Announce Rule Tweeks

Stand in or replacement F1 drivers will be allowed a single day of testing in an up to date car ahead of their debut according to new rule tweeks announced by the FIA today.

It means that new drivers, and ones who might have to stand in because of an injured race driver can have some time and experience to acclimatise themselves to the new car.  Jaime Alguersuari for example replaced Sebastien Bourdais last season having not driven the Toro Rosso car other than in a straight line, potentially dangerous.

The rule states that a driver who has no recent mileage can have a single day of testing at a track not currently on the F1 calendar.

The new regulation reads: “If a team declares that one of its current race drivers is to be substituted by a driver who has not participated in an F1 race in the two previous calendar years, one day of track testing will be permitted between the start of the week preceding second Event and the last Event of the Championship.

“The following must be observed:

“Any such day may only be carried out by the new driver and may not take place on a circuit hosting a race in the current Championship year.

“Any such day may only take place within a period 14 days prior to the substitution and 14 days after the substitution has taken place.

“If a team, having declared the driver’s substitution and performed the test, does not then enter an Event with the new driver, the team will be penalised by a reduction of one day from the pre-season track testing days available in the following year.”

Another interesting tweek is to garage space.  It states that all teams now have even amounts of garage room, whereas before the more successful teams had larger garages and lower teams had more cramped conditions.

Algersuari only did a straightline test before jumping on the F1 bandwagon last season


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