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Double Diffusers Banned From 2011

The contraversial “double diffuser” design which rocked the start of the 2009 season will be banned from the end of the 2010 season it has been revealed.

The FIA ruled that the design was legal after a major challenge to the double diffuser which was designed by Ross Brawn’s team, BrawnGP and then replicated.  Major players like Ferrari and McLaren said the contraversial advantage was what lost them the title challenge when the small Brawn team took easy early victories, and eventually the title.

It has also been said that the diffuser design un-did all of the work done by the technical working group in terms of stripping away aerodynamic pieces in order to combat the boring procession races that had been occuring.

Mike Gascoyne, of the Virgin Racing team enterting F1 this season was bouyant on the move.

“I think it is exactly right,” he said.

“It is what we should do, and it is what both FOTA and the FIA are looking at for 2011. I think it is very sensible and very easy to do – just tighten up the regulations and it is done.”


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