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Domenicali: Alonso & Ferrari Can Smash Schumacher’s Title Dream

Stefano Domenicali, the team principal of Ferrari has told of how his team, along with new driver Fernando Alonso can win both world titles and break the dreams of former hero Michael Schumacher in his quest for an 8th world title with Mercedes Benz.

Schumacher, long the hero of Ferrari bringing the team some 5 titles in a row between 2000 and 2004, left the team in 2006 for retirement.  However he decided to leave the team where he was loved for Mercedes, and now Domenicali claims, Ferrari are using Schumacher as a motivational tool to win.

“Everyone will look at Michael as very strong of course,” said Domenicali during Ferrari’s traditional winter ski event.

“As Michael decided to address this challenge he is convinced he will have a car which can give him the possibility to show once again the driver that he is.

“Last year when we tackled the issue of substituting Felipe [Massa] we thought about him because we are convinced that Michael is an extraordinary, very strong driver. From this point of view, Fernando has all that is necessary to defeat him.

“But a driver can be the best in the world but without the best tools, even the best in the world will have problems winning. It will be up to us to give him the right car.”

Domenicali also told of how in Italy there was distaste towards Schumacher’s defection, and of how much it hurt him to see the legend in another teams car.

“We have seen some fans not appreciate Michael’s choice,” he added,

“Now we turn the page it is a further stimulus for us that we feel within ourselves. We have to show – also to Michael – that this is the strongest team. It’s a constructive stimulus, a greater will to show that we can win.

“It was difficult to see Michael with his helmet on elsewhere, some wound always remains.”

Massa with new boy Alonso, so far getting along well.


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