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VW Won’t Join F1 Until It Has A Better Image – Possibly Under Bugatti Name

Volkswagen motorsport boss Kris Nissen has told reporters that the VW Group won’t be entering Formula One for some time, but it is a possibility.  He said the sport needed to clean up its image, and Nissen cited Jean Todt, the new president of the FIA as the man who could make it a more viable project for car manufacturers.

Manufacturers have had a bit of an exodus from Formula One of late, with Honda, Toyota and BMW all falling by the wayside in recent months.  However with the new independent teams, F1 has the biggest grid for some time.

VW are likely to enter F1 in 2013 when regulation changes make the sport a cheaper option.  It is likely that VW will run under either the Bugatti or Bentley name, two automotive marques within the group who both have fantastic motorsport backgrounds.

“Formula 1 is facing one of the most difficult situations it has had for many years,” Nissen told Autosport.

“They need to handle that, and I really believe that [FIA president] Jean Todt and the teams will do that. I think that for manufacturers to come back, or for new manufacturers to enter Formula 1, you need to have stability, you need to have a slightly different image, and you need to bring the costs down.

“But this has been said many times, people are aware of it, and now I think the right people are working on it.”

“The VW group has a lot of brands, ten now, with different images. If the group enters Formula 1, they would need to decide which brand, and I personally think that they would decide on another brand than Volkswagen.

“If it was to happen, it would be ‘the VW group enters F1’ with whatever brand. But I can promise you that there will be at least a couple more Dakars to come before this decision is taken.”

Volkswagen recently powered a F3 car to victory in the Macau GP


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