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Alonso Unhappy With Testing Ban

Fernando Alonso has stated his distaste for the testing ban in Formula One.

Alonso, who has just joined the Ferrari team in a multi-million pound deal, cited other sports as he discussed the ban whch will see him have a maximum of 7 days in the car with his new team one month before the new season.

Fernando, who won two world titles in 2005 and 2006 with Renault claimed that it was not just bad for drivers who have changed teams, it affects the new teams and also drivers who have stuck with the same machinery.

“I think the test ban is not an easy thing to solve,” Alonso told reporters during Ferrari’s media event in the Dolomites.

“For sure the seven or eight days before the championship are not enough for any driver. It doesn’t matter if you are new to a team or if you are at the same team as last year.

“I think there is no other sport in the world where you test for seven days before the championship. I cannot imagine a tennis player testing seven times before Roland Garros, or a football player training seven days before a world cup, so this is something strange in our sport.

“If it’s the best for the future and for saving costs we are happy, because it’s what they think it’s best.”


2 responses

  1. Fred Schechter

    Just as a T-Rex wants to hunt, a driver wants to drive (see, they’ve cleverly hid that in the name of their profession). Just like us fans want to watch the drivers do their thing.
    The test ban is ridiculous. If Bernie were so keen to make lots of money at every spot, he’d get a bunch of test tracks set up all over the world and make the tests an event. Pick countries without an F1precence (anywhere in North America/South America for starters) and have a testing event. People would pay to go watch testing, (I know I would, if it was, you know,, on the continent I live on (so bummed that USF1’s test will be private, they’d sell that place out instantly!)
    I know the rules changes are getting things cheaper and cheaper for the teams, but put in a testing/revenue sharing bit for the teams and send the road show all over the world for testing (while the teams could generate useful data and learn about the cars they’ll be racing, and the companies would earn goodwill and exposure for their sponsors (who are ponying up the bucks in the first place!)
    Hmmm, F1 gets money, drivers drive, fans watch, marketing gets exposure, more silly season fodder for F1 fanatic fans. Nahh, you ban that Bernie,, that sounds like fun. You get 2 medals today,, they’re both pewter.

    January 14, 2010 at 8:12 pm

  2. Yes, good idea. I paid to go and see an F1 test at Silverstone in 2008, a thrilling day I have to say. Testing is an exciting and interesting event in itself away from the main F1 circus.

    January 15, 2010 at 4:29 pm

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