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Schuey Completes Successful GP2 Test, But Has Neck Worries

Michael Schumacher has successfully completed his slightly contraversial testing of a GP2 car in Jerez.

The 7 time world champion has scheduled an F1 comeback following 3 years away from the sport with a lucrative contract with the Mercedes Benz team.

Schumacher, eager to prove he is still fit enough, organised and paid for 3 days testing with a GP2 car.  Although some drivers say he is flouting the testing ban, front runners like Fernando Alonso have said it is perfectly fine.

Whatever the outcome, Schumacher has completed a fair amount of mileage, doing 360miles just today nearly double the average race distance.  And the boss of the Super Nova GP2 team says Schumacher was on the pace, if not ahead of their two drivers from last season.

Michael complained of minor neck strain earlier in the week, but passed off the concerns saying he was just out of practice with the G-Forces.

“I could really drive a lot on this last day of testing and it worked out perfectly,” he said.

“I am very happy with the way testing went here: we worked well, times and consistency went well, we could do everything we had scheduled to do. I feel fit, I felt comfortable immediately back in the car – hey, let’s go for it!”


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