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McLaren Launch Their 2010 Contender – The MP4-25

McLaren are the latest team to launch their new car, named the MP4-25.

It looks a fairly radical bit of design, and with the new rules surrounding no refuelling, the actual car is 10cm longer than before.  It sports a longer pointy nose like the Ferrari, and in a similar fashion to how we expect the Williams to look too.

The rear of the car is where it gets interesting however, with the shark fin being a big part of rear aerodynamics, the long fin stretching right back to the rear wing and attaching in a similar fashion to the end of last season’s Red Bull design.  It must be said the McLaren’s rear exhaust outlets are a thing of beauty.

Sporting the now traditional chrome paintwork, and adorned with Vodafone commericals it is similar to the McLaren’s of recent year;  the team opting to stick with silver paint despite Mercedes Benz reducing their share in the team and starting their own competitor, now just an engine supplier like Renault to Red Bull.  Johnnie Walker, Aigo and Mobil 1 have stuck along as sponsors, but Santander’s presence on the cars has dropped considerably down to small logos and a bit of advertising on the race suits following their departure to Ferrari.

The launch was held at Vodafone’s headquarters further affirming the standing between the company and team and was the first chance to see Jenson Button in McLaren uniform, his helmet is particularly suited to the teams colours.

“It was Alexander Graham Bell who said preparation is key to success and we have prepared for this season more comprehensively than ever before,” said team boss Martin Whitmarsh.

“As team principal I am honoured to represent this great team, but I am one small part of a group of dedicated and fantastic people.

“A great team and a competitive car can only succeed with the best drivers. Neither of our drivers need much of an introduction because between them they have won the past two world championships. We are thrilled this year to have Lewis and Jenson represent the team on track. Both drivers are winners and they want to win this year.

“Every year of F1 racing throws up a unique set of regulation challenges, and 2010 is no exception. We have designed a car that exploits the double diffuser concept.

“We look forward to an exciting championship with many new and notable faces and at least one older one. We remain proud partners of Mercedes-Benz, but we must be at our best to beat the works team.

“Our goal is clear and we aim to win.”

New boy Jenson Button was happy and eager to get behind the wheel.

“It looks pretty amazing, stood here looking at it,” said Button. “I cannot wait to take a step back and have a better look. I always thought Vodafone McLaren Mercedes put a car together properly and meticulously. For me it looks great.”

“After last year you think about what you have achieved and it goes through your mind – the road to becoming world champion, but after that you soon start forgetting because you are concentrating on 2010 and the new challenge.

“I’ve been to a few events and award ceremonies and they bring back memories. To see number one on the car here is special, but we need to forget about last year. It will always be in the back of my mind, but we need to start focusing on the future and this is the future.”


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