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Are Ferrari Concerned The F10 Isn’t Good Enough Already?

Rumour is spreading through the media and online that Ferrari are concerned about the quality of their new 2010 contender, the F10.

Only launched this week with much fanfare, Italian newspapers are suggesting that the designers have got a B-Spec car on the drawing board which will be launched before the season opener in Bahrain in just 6 weeks time.

The new Ferrari was fairly conservative in its changes from the F60, a poor car by Ferrari’s standards, in complete opposite to McLaren who have added some radical parts to their car such as the huge shark fin rear aerodyanmic.  Some bloggers have suggested that the F10 looks like a re-painted Red Bull RB5.

And to add more fuel to the fire, Felipe Massa is now to test the new car for 2 days instead of 1, with Ferrari saying they hope he can deliver “more immediate feedback about the car in comparison to the F60”.

Gerhard Berger, a former Ferrari favourite says that the days of Ferrari domination are gone, without Schumacher and Brawn the team is back to its old, underperforming days.

“Even with [Fernando] Alonso, Ferrari’s overall package is not as strong as it once was with [Michael] Schumacher,” he told Switzerland’s Blick newspaper.

“They are now missing Jean [Todt] and Ross [Brawn] and the often underestimated designer [Rory] Byrne. And without the right people, soon you are lost.”

We shall wait and see how it performs compared to other teams in the first test this week in Valencia, but it is certainly cause for concern.


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