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Stefan GP Now Planning Launch, Tests and Nakajima Is Driver

Stefan GP, the Serbian team which seems to be throwing everything in to becoming a constructor have announced that they will be launching their car on February 25thand that it will be tested at the Portimao circuit in Portugal.

We reported earlier today that the team were sending equipment to Bahrain for the race, and now they are off testing with their new driver, Williams refugee Kazuki Nakajima.  Their other drivers identity is much harder to define, some speculating it will be Sebastien Bourdais or even Antonio Pizzonia.

Their website showed us a glimpse into their offices, a beaming Zoran Stefanovic with Mike Coughlan, the disgraced McLaren designer who stole Ferrari designs in 2007 and led into the Spy-Gate scandal which Formula One has never really recovered from.

The new car has a chassis number of S-01 and is powered by a former Toyota V8 unit, despite being re-badged will still be maintained by Toyota Motorsport Europe, where Stefan GP are basing their initial operations.

Rumour circulating the testing paddock is that Campos Meta, and possibly US F1 are in trouble paving the possibile way for Stefan into Formula One, but it isn’t that simple, they can’t just walk into the paddock and say “Hi everyone, we’re here and we want to race”.  The early 1990’s showed us that not everyone can run an F1 team, and I think I am right in saying we do not want another Andrea Moda!


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