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Stefan GP Send Equipment To Bahrain Despite Having No Formal 2010 F1 Entry

The bizarre story of the first ever Serbian F1 team, Stefan GP, has continued today as the team announce they are sending their equipment to the Bahrain Grand Prix, despite having no entry into the 2010 season.

Stefan GP bought out the assets of the former Toyota F1 team, including their 2010 development chassis and designs and 2.4l V8 engines.  Some suggest that the team may work out of the Toyota Motorsport factory in Cologne, Germany.

However Stefan took one oversight – the entry.  That entry was given back to Sauber who re-formed out of the burning wreck of the BMW team.  Undeterred by a lack of entry, Stefan have dropped continual hints about competing in 2010, but say they will spend the season testing before entering in 2011.

“Stefan Grand Prix…becomes the first team in F1 history who did send a 40 foot container full of equipment to the race in Bahrain without having entry for 2010 season,” said a statement issued by the team.


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