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Branson Attacks “Sad” Ferrari And Claims His Team Will Beat The Scuderia

Richard Branson, the Virgin magnate who thrust himself upon Formula One with Brawn GP sponsorship last season and now runs his own team through the Manor GP project, claims that criticisms of the new teams by Ferrari is very sad.

Ferrari released an anonymous column on their website last week stating that the new teams were degrading F1, and that the FIA had launched a holy war within Formula One.

Branson claims that the new teams will bring more than Ferrari could imagaine to the sport, make it more competitive and Branson also claims that his Virgin Racing team will beat Ferrari.

“I think that it is a bit sad to see Ferrari carrying on with those kinds of words,” said Branson during a visit to testing at Barcelona on Saturday.

“F1 needs new teams, and Ferrari won the battle of making sure the new teams were shackled. For testing, we built a new car and we are going to have to have exactly the same amount of practice time as Brawn or Ferrari or the others, who have had years and years and years to get their cars to a certain stage.

“We are not complaining about it, and we are happy to go on with it, but Ferrari should be welcoming new teams because they [the new teams] make the sport much more exciting. And we will make them look better for a year or two until we catch them up. Ultimately, I think the new teams will give Ferrari a run for their money and I think will make the sport more exciting – particularly as the budgets come down to more realistic levels.”


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