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Lopez Hits Out At USF1 Team

Jose Maria Lopez, the unlucky Argentinian racer who was supposed to race with the now defunct USF1 team this season has hit out at the failings of the American based outfit.

In an interview, Lopez along with his manager tackled the team and tackled the FIA wanting to know why they were allowed to enter, and keep the entry despite their early failings.

Lopez’s manager says he was mis-sold information by the team, and is very unhappy.

“I find it hard to say that we did it wrong,” he told a news conference hosted by the Argentine Automobile Club. “I think we put too much trust in what people were telling us.

“As soon as I arrived in Charlotte in February, I realised that everything they were saying was not true. What happened to us was unthinkable: in 60 years of Formula 1 it never happened that a team signed up and didn’t make it. They hid things from us.”

Lopez is hoping to continue along the path to Formula One, possibly in a test role.

“My idea is to go on, not lay my head down,” he said. “Everybody knows what happened. We are going to go on, even though as of today we have no firm project. Of course it’s not the same anymore. There have been many falls and I don’t know how long I can take it, or my family.

“It [testing] would be the easiest thing because racing in F1 is almost impossible this year. At some point I will be making the decisions.”

Windsor has questions to answer


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