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Button Considers V8 Supercars Future Following Promo Test

Jenson Button, the reigning F1 world champion has admitted he may consider racing in the Australian V8 Supercars series when he retires from Formula One.

The 2009 Champion declared his intentions following a promotional test of V8 machinery in Australia, as part of a Vodafone event where he swapped cars with the champion of the supercars series Jamie Whincup.  Button drove the Holden touring car around Albert park and was surprised with its handling and pace.

“I was surprised how much grip the car had – you are in the braking zone for a lot longer which you hope would open up the possibility of overtaking,” said Button.

“So it is very exciting, it is very heavy, compared to what I am used to, but I enjoyed it all the same. If the possibility arose in the future [to race] it would be very exciting for me.”

Whincup was delighted after emerging from the cockpit of a 2008 McLaren.

“The acceleration and the braking – I’ve never felt anything like it,” he said. “Nothing like it at all. It is completely unbelieveable! I can’t really explain it.

“The car just does everything right. It was great knowing the track and having done a few miles in it in a racing car – but the grip [of the F1 car] was unbelievable.”


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