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Irvine To Front F1 Radio Talk Show

Eddie Irvine, the former Ferrari and Jaguar driver has announced he will be returning to the F1 fray in hosting a new UK based talk show.

The programme, which will broadcast on popular digital radio station Talksport will be called the LG Grand Prix Show and will broadcast from 8pm every race day of the season.

Irvine, who quit F1 in 2002, has not been heavily involved in F1 since his departure but says he still holds a great interest in the sport.

“Although I’m no longer part of the paddock, I am still very passionate about Formula 1, the races and the attitudes of the drivers,” said Irvine. “This show is going to get under the skin of the sport and show you a side you never knew existed before.

“There’ll be no team orders between myself and Andy. I hope for his sake he hasn’t a clause in his contract that says he has to have the last word. Because if he has, I’ll tell you right now, team orders are out the window – may the best driver win.”


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