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Sauber To Run F-Duct In Malaysia

Independent Swiss based team Sauber will be testing a modified version of their take on McLaren’s contraversial F-Duct system this weekend in Malaysia, with the hope that modifications made to the system from its initial test in Australia will allow the team to run it for the Grand Prix on Sunday.

The F-Duct is essentially a hole which draws in air, but when the car is on the straights the driver has the opportunity to close off the hole with their leg, hand or arm and stall the air flow onto the rear wing thus giving the car a greater top speed and allowing a benefit over other cars.   Sauber’s is mounted on the side pod, whereas McLaren’s is mounted on the nosecone.

It is expected if the system is proven to give a significant advantage other teams will follow suit and make their own versions of the system.

Pedro de la Rosa said: “We will run it tomorrow, to continue the testing. It is a modified version and we are trying to get on top of it.

“It is not an easy system to make it work and they have been working very hard in Hinwil to get some modifications in time – and we will see tomorrow.

“We will react accordingly. If it works, fine. If it doesn’t we will wait for another grand prix. But we are pushing 100 per cent on this.”


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