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Schumacher Joins GPDA

Michael Schumacher, the former 7 time F1 world champion has joined the Grand Prix Drivers Association once again.

He decided to rejoin the group, which represents the drivers interests, back tracking on an early decision not to rejoin.  He was once a director of the grouping, and called for better safety in the cars along with the late Ayrton Senna in the early 1990’s when he first joined the sport.  Deaths were a commonplace, but the last fatal accident was that of Senna, some 16 years ago.

“I’m not intending [to join],” Schumacher said 2 months ago.

However a spokesperson says that he is now a member.

“Michael always supported the work of the GPDA, for many years as a director,” said a spokesperson for the German driver.

“After he retired the work had been successfully taken over by the younger drivers, and at first Michael was hesitant to join as he did not want to be involved again.

“But after some thoughts and discussions, mainly with Felipe Massa, he reconsidered this initial decision and will now be a silent member.”


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