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USF1 Teams Trucks For Sale After Their Liquidation

Some of the early assets of the failed USF1 team project have been put up for sale on the popular internet auction house Ebay.

The early sale lot is for two team trucks, which were purchased from the 2009 World Championship winning team Brawn GP.  The large rigs were bought after the team was bought out by Mercedes Benz.

The US team never used them as their car was never even launched, let alone make it onto the grid for the first round of the Formula One season last month in Bahrain.

“As a keen motorsport fan, it is certainly one of the more interesting seizures we’ve made,” said David Carter, Director of The Sheriffs Office, responsible for enforcing the High Court writ.

“The trailers were recently bought from Brawn GP by the judgment debtor and really are something special. We’ve already has a lot of interest and are now selling them via eBay.”

If you fancy a bid they are available on Ebay ( http://bit.ly/by7W3t ) and at the current time one of the trucks is selling for £16,000.  It would be a special gift for a team or competitor to have such a high quality piece of equipment and indeed history.


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