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Barrichello and Kubica Critical of Hamilton’s Weaving

Rubens Barrichello and Robert Kubica have both been fairly vocal in their criticisms of Lewis Hamilton after the British driver weaved across the track 3 times to block Vitaly Petrov at the Malaysian Grand Prix 2 weeks ago.

The Russian driver attempted to get a tow, or slipstream, off the McLaren down the straight at Sepang, but was blocked by Hamilton when he attempted to overtake, but Hamilton swerved across the track multiple times which is in breach of the rules which state you can only move across once to block.

Hamilton was only hit with a warning, the other drivers think he should have been punished.

“I don’t think this is the right thing to do,” said Barrichello in China on Thursday. “When I saw it I was by myself watching the TV and I was quite critical of it. It he was beside me I would have given him some bollocking because it wasn’t right.

“There are arguments to cover that, to say that he was under acceleration, not in the braking area. There are so many things that they could come up with, but the drivers have an agreement, sort of an agreement, obviously a verbal agreement, nothing that has been signed, that you should move only once during the protection of your line.

“So that for me was a Formula Ford thing. It shouldn’t have been done, to be honest.”

Kubica added he feels the rules are now not clear on blocking.

“Reading the regulations, I’m clear. Watching Malaysia, I’m not so clear,” said Kubica.


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