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Lola Not To Pursue 2011 F1 Entry

Lola will not be tendering an entry to the 2011 F1 committee charged with finding a replacement team for the USF1 team that did not make the start of the 2010 season.

The sports car manufacturer, who have had various forays into Formula One, including a disastrous attempt in 1997, did attempt to gain entry for the 2010 season but were unsuccessful and have decided against spending time and effort on trying again.

Instead Lola are hoping to focus on their supply chains into F1, and also their Le Mans  prototype racing teams, the company send cars out to Aston Martin and Mazdaspeed Race teams amongst other entrants to high profile races such as the 24h Le Mans, Nurburgring 24h and the 8h Paul Ricard.

Executive Chairman and owner, Martin Birrane said: “A 2010 entry under the cost capped and performance balanced criteria would have been perfect for Lola. We already have F1 standard facilities at our headquarters in Huntingdon. Sadly our well-developed 2010 F1 project, which included a significant wind tunnel programme, had to be frozen in June 2009. The recently announced applications for 2011 has left us with insufficient time to prepare for what would be a quite different programme.”

Lola Managing Director, Robin Brundle, added: “Lola looks forward to strengthening its working partnerships with existing F1 Teams and the rich variety of customers throughout the Lola portfolio”.

Prodrive pulled out of the running this morning, leaving Duragno the former GP2 team as the only currently confirmed team to have tendered an entry application.  Stefan GP and Superfund may attempt to gain entry and Epsilon Euskadi have stated their potential interest in a spot for the forthcoming season, but it will be no easy task once they are in as HRT, Lotus and Virgin have found.


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