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Avon To Submit 2011 Tyre Supply Application As Bernie His Wall With Michelin

Cooper Avon Tyres, a firm who have supplied rubber to Formula 3 and sports car racing have told Autosport Magazine that they are drawing up an application to be considered as the 2011 tyre supplier.

The British based firm are looking to poach some of Bridgestone’s engineers and keep a more continuous change from the Japanese manufacturer, with similar regulations with tyres, the green stripes and the compounds of rubber that we have got used to since slick tyres made their come back last season.

The firm are speaking to Bernie Ecclestone this weekend in China, as the ring-master of Formula One is said to be hitting  brick wall with Michelin over their tender.  The French firm want to change the tyre regulations, calling for fatter tyres and 18 inch wheels on the cars which is popular with the teams, but has angered Ecclestone.

This could lead to Bernie picking Cooper Avon.  There is little or no chance of a tyre war re-emerging, as Michelin clearly want a regulation change, so would be unlikely to consider supplying rubber if the regs stay as they are now with the thinner tyres and smaller wheels.

“We want to know by the Spanish Grand Prix what tyres we are running in 2011. That is why we plan to meet with Ecclestone on Sunday to see what his idea is.” The source from Avon told Autosport

Only time will tell.  Avon have minor previous F1 experience, producing tyres for the 1954-1958  and 1981-1982 seasons, and more recently producing a set of tyres for a Minardi test back in 2003 when neither Michelin nor Bridgestone would provide them at a cheaper rate for the minnow team, now known as Toro Rosso.  A deal was eventually struck and Avon have not attempted to gain entry.


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