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VW To Continue In Dakar Rendering F1 Move Unlikely Yet

Volkswagen, one of the world’s largest autmobile producers has announced it will be continuing to put all of its efforts into producing another rally winning vehicle for the 2011 Dakar Rally.

VW, who own major car manufacturers like Audi, Bugatti and Bentley have previously suggested they would be considering an entry into Formula One.  They want costs to reduce, and they said they would monitor the progress of the new teams admitted for this season.

However a Formula One entry under the name of Bugatti is now looking unlikely as the bosses of Volkswagen motorsport have said they are pushing all of their effort back into the Dakar in attempts to win it for the third time in a row, a new record for a diesel powered machine.

“We now have the opportunity to achieve the diesel hat-trick and to thereby make motorsport history again,” said Volkswagen Motorsport Director Kris Nissen.

“We will again invest all our passion, heart and soul in this project at the next ‘Dakar’.”


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