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Pirelli To Make Offer Of Tyre Supply From 2011 – Tyre War Reignition Possible

Pirelli, the Italian tyre manufacturer has told a leading motorsport magazine that it intends to draw up an offer to apply to become a tyre supplier from the 2011 season, reigniting the possibility of a competitive tyre war within Formula One not seen since 2006.

The rubber company bosses held a meeting this week in Italy to discuss possible financing of such a deal, and with their figures drawn up and adding up to a viable level, they have admitted they hold interest in rejoining Formula One for the first time in over 20 years.

Their motorsport boss, Paul Hembury says that the possibility of using 18″ wheeled cars, and the possibility of a greater share of revenues has pushed it toward rejoining.

“Nothing is concrete yet, but we understand that with the possibility of 18-inch tyres, and the fact that the commercial reality has changed compared to the previous environment, then F1 is something that we are now looking into,” Hembery told Autosport Magazine.

“We are always in contact, and remain in contact, with the FIA and the F1 promoter – and that is something that continues year on year. We’ve been aware of the ongoing situation in F1 and that is really what has led to our latest situation.”

Michelin aare very interested in a tyre war, and Pirelli are not ruling the possibility out although they would prefer to be a sole supplier in the market.

“We wouldn’t rule out a tyre war at this moment, but at this current time I don’t think there is a huge appetite to spend large sums of money developing tyres to go faster,” he said.

“Of course these things go in waves and at some point that may be the correct approach, but at the moment teams are more interested in bringing costs down.”

Pirelli have most recently been supplying tyres to the World Rally Championship, as well as focusing on a very successful road car tyre department.

A Pirelli tyre'd World Rally Championship Subaru Impreza


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