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Grosjean Targetting F1 Return

Romain Grosjean, the young French race driver has said he is targetting a return to the pinnacle of open wheel racing after his brief stint with Renault at the end of last season.

Grosjean was drafted into a struggling Renault team who had fired Nelson Piquet Jr, and was going through a tough time with sponsors leaving after the Crash Gate scandal emerged.  He raced until the end of the season, struggling but eventually finding a little bit of form late on in the season.  He maintains that he matched his team mate for pace, and that while the results don’t show it they were consistent if anything.

He now races in FIA GT1 with Matech in a Ford GT, but maintains he is only racing to keep his hand in with the agents, sponsors and press.

“It is not a new life, it is not forgetting Formula 1, I don’t hide that my aim is to go back to F1 next year for sure,” Grosjean told AUTOSPORT. “But on the other hand driving is my passion and it is my job as well.

“It’s a new experience for me and maybe for the future it can help. And for sure I’m still trying to get the good contacts and the good opportunities to go to F1 next year. But for this year this opportunity came up. It is not like I want to switch my ideal career. It’s just one year, but I want to drive, I enjoy driving and when the chance came I thought it was good to take it.”

He added that he preferred to race elsewhere than to chase an F1 test and reserve option.

“It is worse sitting at home and waiting,” said Grosjean. “If you wait at home nobody will call you, but if you race your name is still around, you still meet journalists and this is very important.”


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