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Volkswagen Keen To Enter F1 As Engine Supplier

Volkswagen, one of the world’s largest car manufacturers has said it would like to enter Formula One as an engine manufacturer from 2013 when the new regulations are brought into force.

VW, who own sports car companies including Bentley and Bugatti, are keen to become an engine supplier like Cosworth over owning their own team.  In 2013, the new regulations are likely to state a move away from the 2.4 litre engine capacity, to a 1.5 litre turbo charged engine unit with an as yet unknown number of cylinders.

“It is clear that we are looking at formula one,” Hans-Joachim Stuck, a former grand prix driver and now the motor sport representative of the company, told Sport Bild magazine.

“We are waiting for the FIA’s decision in respect of the use of a world engine for F1. If there is, we will discuss whether to build it for formula one.”

[We are not interested in having] our own team like Mercedes”.

Formula One is keen for KERS to return, with Ferrari, McLaren, Renault and Williams all backing the projects remergence and there is talk from Jean Todt of the FIA that a single supplier of units could be made due to the significant cost of production and also to make parity between teams.   Williams own a hybrid power company that could become that supplier, but Volkswagen could cement commitment by becoming a producer of such a unit.


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