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FOTA and FIA To Discuss Race Weekend Changes

FOTA and the FIA are set to meet to discuss a multitude of changes for the 2011 season, including selecting a tyre supplier and potentially changing the format of the race weekend.

The race weekend changes are something that has been discussed many times, including moving to a two race system with less laps.  One sprint style race and one feature type race as seen in GP2 and formerly in A1GP.

The change possibilities have reared their heads once again as concerns grow over attendances at F1 circuits.   The teams are plugging the fact that the calendar is poorly set out too, citing the single race in North America this season as a huge expense.  The teams want either two race on the continent or no race at all.

“The meeting with Bernie was to talk about race weekend format, the calendar for next year and tyres,” Adam Parr the CEO of Williams F1 told Autosport. “We are all keen to improve the weekend format and make things more engaging for fans.”

“There are some ideas around about what we can do over race weekends to address the issues we have,”

“But it is too early to talk about it in detail, because it is by no means an agreed philosophy.”

“The costs have been driven up and up and up,” Parr added. “We are going to Canada and there is no way we as teams are going to make money going to Canada, so we are effectively subsidising that race. It is a one-off flyaway to North America and back again. It is crazy stuff – and very difficult.”


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