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Renault To Increase Engine Supply For 2011

Renault have announced that they are ready and willing to increase their engine supply programme for the 2011 season.

The teams engine division, which has also produced engines under the Mecachrome and Supertec banner, currently provides customer units to Red Bull as well as to their own works team.  However, an increased strength engine that the team now has thanks to modifications allowed under a special FIA programme means the 2.4l V8 unit it becoming more and more appealing to other teams.

Williams and Lotus, who currently run Cosworth units, are considering a move to Renault for 2011.

“We don’t know which teams we will be supplying next year,” said Remi Taffin of the Renault engine division

“We certainly have got the capacity to supply more than the two teams we have been doing this year, it’s not a big problem for us.

“Obviously we have to produce a few more engines and get some more people to do the job. As far as getting an engine ready and supplying two teams, it’s then not a big problem to do so for three or four teams with an extra effort.”

Renault are also tabling a bid to become the sole supplier of a KERS unit if KERS standardisation is brought in for the 2011/2012 season.


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