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Alonso Not Surprised By Schu Move At Monaco

Fernando Alonso has told Spox.com that he was not surprised Michael Schumacher tried to pass him while under safety car conditions in Monaco.

The former rivals were in 6th and 7th place on the final lap when Schumacher pulled the contraversial overtake at the final corner.  Schumacher believed the safety car to have gone in so racing continued, but was in breach of rule 40.13 which states that if a safety car is out at any point on the final lap then no overtaking can take place.

Alonso made a small error into La Rascasse giving Schumacher the opportunity to pull the illegal move.

“The team told me over radio that we could not overtake,” Alonso said.

“I wanted to attack Lewis Hamilton, but I was forbidden by the team to do it. The fact that Michael went ahead to pass me did not surprise me.”

“I was calm and that was later confirmed by the stewards, who put things right,”


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  1. John in North Carolina

    I read this AM on BBC website that the FIA is reviewing the rule that punished Shumi for passing Alonso, saying it needs clarification. A close reading of the rule makes it quite plain the rule is correct and understandable as written, what when wrong in Monaco is that after the safety car withdrew at the entrance to pit lane and the end of the last lap, per the rule, however, the race moderator turned the lights green and had the flagmen wave the green flags signaling a dash for the checkered flag. Instead he needed to keep the lights yellow and the flags yellow to comply with the regulation. It was the race moderator who screwed up, not the drivers or the teams. Mercedes would have won on appeal had they followed through, in my opinion.

    May 20, 2010 at 3:19 pm

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