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Canadian GP Plunging Into Issues Both Structurally And Financially

It has been revealed that the Canadian Grand Prix is plunging into problems both financially and with the circuit structure.

The track, built in an island in the St Lawrence sea way has recently been audited by a government based firm.  They found that the pipe work, which is over 30 years old could potentially fail to such a catastrophic level it would severely affect the hosting of the Grand Prix.  The original system was installed in the 1960’s for EXPO ’67 , and has failed some 32 times in the past 4 years.

The auditor commented “[A] rupture … could jeopardise the Formula One event”

Of course in 2008, we had track repairs during qualifying and during the race as the new, poorly laid surface broke up during the event much to the disgust of Bernie Ecclestone hence their lack of race in 2009.

In other financial news, Francois Dumontier the organiser of the event admitted in a newspaper interview that the event has still not attracted a title sponsor.   The newspaper estimates that the shortfall financially of the event will be around $5million.

Dumontier told La Presse that firms should “look more closely at this wonderful event”.

Mid race circuit repairs in 2008 were necessary, not a good look for the sport however


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