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Chandhok Believes Willis Can Save Hispania

Karun Chandhok, the popular Indian driver has said that he believes Geoff Willis will be the saviour of the Hispania team for this season, and almost certainly next season.

Willis, a highly experienced aerodynamicist and engineer has worked with various teams including Red Bull Racing, and was drafted into Hispania HRT to provide the team with advice on how to advance their 2010 car, and help design the 2011 machine.  Willis described the 2010 car as “a dog, absolutely awful” previously.

However Chandhok believes his input is going to be absolutely vital.

Speaking about how he sees the next few months panning out, Chandhok told Autosport Magazine: “As long as there is a car in the pitlane and my seat in it, I will go drag the arse out of it.

“I have to look at it with a slightly long-term view. If the team improves I would love to be here, and if they can give Geoff the opportunity and budget to build a good car for 2011, he could do a good job.

“He has done it in the past, he has a capable team of aero people that he is pulling together from other teams and, if he does have the right financial possibility and the right infrastructure, it won’t be a bad place to be next year.

“I want to be in the best possible place for 2011, and I reckon this team has the potential if Geoff is given the right opportunity – he is key to where we go.”

Speaking about his own performance in an honest and frank interview with Autosport this week, he said he was rather happy.

“At the end of the day, you give me a car that is capable of doing a certain lap time and my job is to do that lap time,” he said. “And as long as I am quicker than Bruno [Senna], as I have been so far, and people see that I am doing well in the car, then it is good for me.

“They put Christian Klien in the car in Spain and within three laps I went quicker than him, with the same tyre and same fuel. So you can argue all you want, but I feel I am extracting the maximum I can out of this car.

“It is really down to the team to develop it. There is only so much I can do.”

There has been significant rumour that Hispania will replace one of their drivers with Christian Klien in the very near future, and although Karun is faster than Bruno Senna you can be your bottom dollar that if one of those two is to lose their seat it will be Chandhok.


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