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Todt Warns Drivers That On Road Antics Could Lead To Sanctions

Jean Todt, the president of the FIA has warned Formula One drivers of new rules being considered for implementation that would see them recieve penalties and sanctions within the motorsport community if they are caught breaking normal road rules.

During Todt’s election campaign for the post of president he said he wanted road safety to be at the pinnacle of his changes, using race driver role models and projects to encourage safer driving within the normal road conditions.  Programmes like “Make Road’s Safe” have been pioneered through advertising in Formula One with FIA funding.  Michael Schumacher, the Mercedes Benz driver is a great role model of sfe driving having been involved in multiple projects, including a new anti-drink driving series of adverts with the backing of the Bacardi company.

Schumacher lending his hand to a "make roads safe" campaign

“Last year, 1.3 million people died on roads in the world – 90% in developing countries.” Todt told Le Parisien newspaper

“The forecasts for 2020 are terrible, and they estimate that nearly two million people will be killed if no action is taken by then. Now, with a minimum of dialogue, that figure could be halved. This requires education, improved road networks, and the involvement of new technology on cars.”

“There is an incompatibility between the status of a role model champion, and a possible infringement on the road. A driver is a driver like the others. We are therefore trying to see whether to do something, and how.”

Various Formula One drivers have been involved in driving offences ranging from speeding, driving without a valid licence, street racing and loutish behaviour.  Jenson Button was arrested for driving at over 100mph on a French Autoroute in 2000, Giancarlo Fisichella lost his driving licence in 2005 for being caught driving at 92mph in a 35mph zone in Rome and most recently Lewis Hamilton was arrested and had his car impounded in Australia for doing burnouts and racing down roads near Albert Park in Melbourne.


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    July 3, 2010 at 2:37 pm

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