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Brawn Warns Mercedes Off Supplying More Teams

Ross Brawn the team principal of the Mercedes Benz team has warned the German manufacturer about supplying any more teams with customer engine units following Red Bull Racing’s interest in using the marques V8’s from next year.

Brawn believes the team, who supply engines not only to their works outfit but to Force India and McLaren too, are already at full stretch and that adding another supplier would weaken the works teams charge to a title.

“In my opinion, as constructors, we at Mercedes would need to think long and hard before adding another customer to our list,” Brawn told Autosprint magazine.

“I think we are on the limit as far as supplies are concerned. We must make sure there is always a Cosworth able to sell its engines, it’s not the duty of a car manufacturer.

“As for the power, I don’t know. The truth is that there is no procedure that determines precisely the parameters. We would be fine with placing all the engines on the bench under the FIA’s supervision.

“But measuring the power is only a part of the problem. There’s the cooling, the driveability, the fuel consumption. And just recently the boss of Renault’s engine guys has said that their V8 may not be the most powerful, but it’s the best from many other aspects…”


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