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2010 British Grand Prix Preview

Back in 2009 at the British Grand Prix we all believed it would be the last time we would see Formula One cars racing around Silverstone as the race was set to move to Donington Park.  However, Donny messed it right up and with a lot of bartering with the master Bernie Ecclestone, the British Grand Prix was saved and it is back at the home of British motorsport, Silverstone.

However it is doubtful if you are heading to Silverstone this weekend, or just watching it on television, that you will recognise the circuit.  The layout has been changed, the new “arena” complex will be used for the race.  Originally designed for motorbike racing (Silverstone now hosts the British MotoGP round).  The circuit retains the fast Copse and Magotts corners before hitting the Hangar Straight down to Stowe.  Vale and Club also remain.  However the big changes are up at Abbey.  You will now see the cars turning right at Abbey, not left then under Bridge.  Farm is as good as abandoned, and there is a small straight which bears slightly to the left before a sharp right, left right combination known as Village, The Loop and Aintree before drivers hit the Wellington Straight.  This straight then merges back onto the old circuit at Brooklands before the cars loop around the final Luffield hairpin before hitting the Grand Prix straight.

Silverstone Data File:

Dates: 9th-11th July

Location: Silverstone Circuit, Northamptonshire – England

Laps: 52

2009 Winner: Sebastian Vettel

One’s to watch…

  • Sebastian Vettel – The 2009 race winner is looking to get back on to top form
  • Fernando Alonso – The Ferrari star admits they need a win, looking to get some points after the Valencia debacle
  • Lewis Hamilton – He loves nothing more than a home win, and can smell the 2010 title
  • Michael Schumacher – His form has to pick up soon….right?

From the Twitter waves….

From @TheFifthDriver – Jenson Button driving the Vodafone camper to Silverstone this morning

From @LucasdiGrassi the Virgin driver – the new pit complex being constructed


2 responses

  1. No Bridge???


    July 8, 2010 at 3:00 pm

  2. Yes I know its a real shame. I have had the pleasure of watching F1 cars go full throttle through Bridge, the tyres hanging on for dear life. It really was special.

    Thanks for the comments,

    Rob – TheF1Fanatics Blog

    July 8, 2010 at 3:55 pm

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