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Alonso Feels Testing Ban A Mistake

Fernando Alonso, the former two time world champion, has said he feels the total in season testing ban imposed on Formula One is a mistake and has made the sport feel ‘stale’.

Alonso, who won championships with Renault, currently drives for Ferrari and despite early good form in winning two races he has recently struggled with penalties during the race received from the FIA.

He also believes that the team spent too long developing the F-Duct as opposed to making higher downforce parts for the car.   Ferrari has huge facilities and Fernando believes they have been the hardest hit by the austerity drive in F1.

Other Formula One community members including Geoff Willis and Eddie Jordan have told news sources they believe the total test ban to be a mistake, and we here at The F1Fanatics Blog agree.

“The goal is always to win but it’s not so easy,” Alonso said. “You cannot invent new things without testing. There is little room for creativity; our technicians have their hands tied,”

“The test ban is not the perfect thing when you are behind, when you have to close the gap to the top teams. But I think it hurts a bit more for Ferrari because we have superb facilities in Maranello. We have everything here, we have the Fiorano circuit and when we look out the window it is normally empty because we cannot test the Formula One car. It’s sad to see that but that’s the way it is, the teams agreed to do that.

“We need to be better than the others in some other aspects; we have to be better than the others with simulations, etcetera. I think we have all the tools and all the facilities to be the best.”


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