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Wirth Research Set To Move Factories

Wirth Research, the people behind the construction of the Virgin Racing cars are set to move factories over the course of the next few months.

However the move will not be finalised until the chassis for Virgin’s second car, the VR-02 is complete.

Wirth Research created the first F1 car to be designed using total CFD, without the aid of a wind tunnel.  They had intial teething troubles, with a slow car, parts having a habit of falling off but most embarrassing was the fact the new VR-01 car did not have a large enough fuel tank.

“It will be sometime early next year, probably after the F1 car is built,” Wirth told Autosport in an exclusive

“The move starts in the August shutdown and will continue for several months to fit in with the build-up of next year’s F1 car. People who have to stay will stay behind until the car is built and on its way.

“It’s a phased process, but we’re used to working all over the place so it’s not really going to be much of a change.”

The team will be housing themselves in the old Ascari cars factory in Banbury.

“In terms of our business both on the F1 side and on all the other projects, it represents a major step to get everyone into such a great facility that is still in motorsports valley.

“We’re moving everything under one roof. It’s sized and designed to take us to the next level of research and development and the next level of computing power. We literally can’t fit any more computers into where we are now!”


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