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Ecclestone Thinks Team Orders Rule Should Be Dropped

Bernie Ecclestone, the owner of Formula One says that the team orders ban in Formula One must be dropped following the incident in last weekend’s German Grand Prix where Ferrari switched Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso so that the Spaniard could win the Grand Prix.

Team orders had been banned in F1 since 2002 thanks to a similar incident involving Ferrari, although there have always been allegations of secret orders through many top teams since the ban.

In the wake of last Sunday’s events though, Ecclestone believes it is at the team discretion to have their drivers finish in a particular order, believing F1 to be a team sport rather than one of the individual.

“I must confess I would agree with anyone who thinks that [the team orders rule should be dropped],” said Ecclestone. “We make people call it a team, we say it’s got be a team.

“All the cars have to be exactly the same, the drivers wear the same overalls, so everybody has to look like a team – a team of people that are racing.

“I believe what people do when they are inside the team, and how they run their team is up to them. That’s my opinion.”

When asked if he would push for the rule to be dropped in his high profile position of power within the sport, he added “I don’t know, we’ll have to see. It’s something that needs to be discussed.

“As far as I’m concerned a team is a team, and they should run it whichever way they want to run it.

“Nobody should interfere as to how they run their team.

“But of course if they do something that’s dangerous then obviously they’re going to be in trouble, otherwise get on with it.”


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