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FIA Set Date For Ferrari Team Orders Hearing

The FIA have announced that Ferrari will come before the World Motorsport Council hearing on September 8th.

Ferrari are being called before Formula One’s highest court for allegedly breaking rule 39.1, which states that team orders are not allowed in any form within the sport.   The incident in question occured at the German Grand Prix two weeks ago, when Felipe Massa was allegedly asked to move aside so that Fernando Alonso could win the race.

Ferrari were immediately fined $100,000 and could face further penalties.

There was significant furor at the time of the incident, but it is now being called into question over whether they actually did break the rule or not.  They did make one car move aside for the other, but the indication from Bernie Ecclestone (who sits on the judging panel) was that the rule  is in place not to stop a team deciding which order their cars finish but moreover to stop two teams working together to fix the result of a race.

With the hearing only a matter of days before the Italian Grand Prix, it is likely any penalty will be met with distaste from the Italian Tifosi fans.


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