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Austin Announce US Grand Prix Circuits

Organisers of the United States Grand Prix to be held in Austin, Texas have announced the final track layout ahead of construction work beginning before the first event in 2012.

The circuit has been designed by Hermann Tilke, and features some 20 corners with significant elevation changes.  The track has been described as combining classic corners from some of the best circuits, while adding in modern safety and fan friendly features.

Some of Tilke’s recent work has been hit and miss with the F1 crowd, so considering the length of contract Austin have signed to host the event we hope this is a good track.  on paper it does look impressive.

“In the modern era of grand prix racing, I think this track layout and topography will be very special,” said Tavo Hellmund, head of the US project.

“It will have many of the elements of previous ‘classic’ circuits combined with the benefits of FIA-mandated safety for the competitors and spectators alike. Add in the amenities fans have come to expect, like rare, multiple-turn viewing opportunities for added value, and you have an ideal, world-class venue.”

“For the competitors, we’ll have all the ingredients necessary,” he said. “You’ll see fast turns that require commitment from the drivers and technical turns that will test the engineers from a set-up point of view.

“We have a good deal of elevation to make it not only scenic but challenging also, and the view of downtown Austin is wonderful as well.


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