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Toro Rosso Sale Denied – Many Interested In Purchasing Team

Dietrich Mateschitz has been forced to deny that one of his Formula One teams, Scuderia Toro Rosso is up for sale.

It had been reported online earlier this week that the team, based in Faenza, was up for sale at a paltry €30million.  The team was formerly known as Minardi until the end of 2005 when Mateschitz took control of the outfit and rebranded it to fit in with his Red Bull portfolio.  Designed as a feeder team to the main Red Bull squad, it had been using repaints of the senior teams cars until this year when the rules on customer cars was finally sorted.

The team are most famous for producing the 2010 title challenger Sebastian Vettel who joined at the end of 2007, winning their first and only Grand Prix at Monza in 2008.  He was then promoted to the senior Red Bull Racing team.

“There are constant rumors about it, but now we have no plans to sell Toro Rosso,” Mateschitz’s PA told 422race.com.

Despite the denial of sale there are reported to already be a number of people interested in purchasing the team, should Mateschitz decide to sell.  These include Carlos Slim, the Mexican entrepreneur who has always been interested in buying in to the F1 dream.  Another interested party is Jacques Villeneuve along with the Duragno group who failed to succeed in becoming the 13th team for 2011.  Stefan GP have also been linked with purchasing the team now they have severed all links with the former Toyota outfit.


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