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Baguette Gives Up On F1 Dream

French racing driver Bertrand Baguette has admitted he is now giving up on his F1 dream to concentrate on securing a race seat in other series.

The winner of the 2009 world series by Renault has tested for both Renault and BMW and despite winning many races in lower series, and proving fairly quick in tests, failed to secure a race seat in the top flight of F1.

He admits he is now concentrating on IndyCar, America’s premier open wheel racing category.

“I have received some offers to participate in the upcoming test in Abu Dhabi, but I do not care to spend our budget on a programme that I suspect will not lead to anything,” Baguette told the Belga news agency. “Instead, I am focused on Indycar, where I have the feeling I can build a career.

“I do not want to spend any more of my time looking for an opening in F1, where a driver who has proved himself in the lower categories is not given a chance,” he concluded.


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