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Alonso Eyes Perfect Weekend In Abu Dhabi

Fernando Alonso has said he is looking for the “perfect” weekend in Abu Dhabi, to try and win the World Championship without the need for careful calculations.

The Spanish driver has had a mirculous turn around in his season, from the mid point where he was far behind the Red Bull’s and McLaren’s he declared he would win the world championship.  Now as we head into the final round, he is in front – by a few points anyway – and is in the best position to win the championship on Sunday night.

Alonso says he is looking for a first or second place to keep it safe for the victory.

“The Interlagos result allows us to be in charge of our own destiny: with a win or a second place we won’t need any more calculations,” Alonso wrote in his blog for the official Ferrari website.

“Our approach hasn’t changed for this all-important race: we know that if we get everything perfectly right, then we will have the chance to reach the target that we set ourselves at the beginning of the season,” Alonso explained.

He did, however, acknowledge that the sheer speed of the Red Bull could be a tough obstacle to overcome.

“We can do it, even if we know our principal opponents are very strong: so far, perhaps apart from one race, theirs has been the best car on every type of circuit. That still doesn’t mean we expect to be beaten,” said Alonso.

If Alonso wins on Sunday, it would be his third world championship.  He would also replicate Kimi Raikkonen, winning the title for Ferrari in his first season with the team.



2 responses

  1. FerrariForLife

    He absolutely has to finish second to win the world championship if Webber or Vettel finish first. I predict that if he doesn’t qualify first, he will not win the WC.

    November 10, 2010 at 10:07 pm

    • Yes, I agree about the qualifying. Fernando really needs to be in 2nd place, if Vettel is in 1st to win the WC. It takes away the chance of Red Bull being able to use Team Orders and easily gives him enough points to come away with victory.

      Whatever happens come Sunday, it is going to be a very exciting day!

      November 10, 2010 at 10:44 pm

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